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Every company's management wants to have complete confidence in its trade compliance effort with respect to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR). The question is: Is that an achievable goal? Do you have concerns about your staff not having the necessary skills and up-to-date knowledge needed to keep your company in compliance? Do two-day training seminars leave you feeling as though you need more. Maybe historically your company has performed compliance training in-house, but every time you turn around you realize that your training materials are two years out of date or missing vital updates. Perhaps you've come to realize that training course development and delivery is not your core competency-- after all, you are a compliance expert and developing and maintaining curriculum draws you away from important compliance license issues. There is a turn-key solution that over 1,000 companies worldwide and all of the top 50 aerospace and defense companies routinely reply upon to bring much needed ITAR and EAR compliance "best practices" and respected world class training and education and industry certification inside their organizations.


The International Import Export Institute (IIEI), part of nationally accredited Dunlap-Stone University, is recognized the world over as the premier online provider of specialized education and training that addresses critical U.S. Government regulations, from Export Administration Regulations (EAR), to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) and other regulatory agencies and more. Recognized by governments around the world for its international trade certification programs, the IIEI is proud that its certification is the unquestioned industry standard in over 90 countries.

If you are part of a large, global multinational corporation with a thousand ITAR or EAR compliance related employees or a small company with a part-time compliance person, the IIEI has education and training programs and college degree options to fit your exact needs. Whether you have one employee that needs to learn trade compliance basics or advanced professionals that need to validate their expertise of the complete ITAR or EAR, or perhaps a group of employees dispersed globally that need to prepare for the Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer®examination, the IIEI is here to help you.

The IIEI's ITAR and EAR trade compliance and curriculum experts are constantly updating and revising the courses we offer to reflect the latest up-to-date knowledge as the regulations change. For example, from January 2004 to July 2008, the Understanding the ITAR course (IIEI-306) has been updated 32 times and has had two major revisions, resulting in the six-week course being new and fresh every 4 1/2 weeks over a four year span. No in-house training is typically able to do this. We do it because this is our core competency--this is what we specialize in doing--we are educators and our students tell us we do it well. This same course is now using topical case studies to demonstrate concepts in real world terms. All of the courses we offer undergo this same critical effort so that you don't have to worry. That is why when learning is critical, as it always is in compliance,  IIEI's education and training programs are the preferred choice of major organizations and entire governments around the world.

Whatever your needs, we can help-- from export compliance; to import certifications; to specialized training for Empowered Officials; to knowledge about agreements under the ITAR and many other topics. The IIEI has your complete education and training solution. The IIEI can help your company become recognized for being ITAR compliant and help individuals become ITAR certified.

Trade Compliance and Supply Chain Management Courses

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The IIEI offers its Managed Trade Compliance Training Program.  Used by larger companies that have operations dispersed geographically but want to have an integrated tightly monitored program, it is an effective way to outsource the training and education and maintain control at the same time. The IIEI assists companies in designing their unique annual education and training program to meet each individual's specific needs and then manages its implementation. Your management receives regular updated reports on the status throughout the year. (Click the link above for more information ) This frees up you compliance management to proactively focus on mission critical export licensing issues and concerns.

We are here to help bring critical ITAR and EAR compliance knowledge into your organization. With our advanced online classroom model, IIEI can cost effectively educate your staff, large or small, without disrupting your business and help you validate that your employees possess the requisite knowledge your company needs to reduce your trade compliance risk and validate that your company is ITAR compliant.



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